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I don’t even read frerard anymore but there’s like two people who still use this reclist

Fics marked with * you need an account to read

The Dove Keeper | Frerard | NC-17 | There’s a 30 year age difference

A Matter of Logistics | Frerard | NC-17 | I don’t remember

Please, Come Again | Frerard | PG-13 | Mac and cheese

A Splitting of the Mind | Frerard | NC-17 | Sad

A Double-Bed and a Stalwart Lover | Frerard | NC-17 | basically

I’ve Been All Things Unholy and Staring Through the Demons and Heaven Help Us and During Work Hours and Turning Point | Frerard | ‘Mature’ | yes. mY ASK BOX TITLE IS IN THIS FIC HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS?

DNA | Frerard | NC-17 | gross

Leave a Message After The Tone | Frerard | NC-17 | hA

Anatomy of a Fall | Frerard | ‘Explicit’ | This was good

10 Aquarium | Frerard | NC-17 | yes okay.

11 Promises, Promises (Don’t Send Me Back In 30 Days) | Frerard | NC-17 | stockholm syndrome

12 You and Your High-Top Sneakers and Your Sailor Tattoos | Frerard | NC-17 | yeah

13 Conclusions | Freard | NC-17 | okay

14 Handtools and Hellos | R | Gerard just needs someone to finish building his house

15 Life As A Symptom | Frerard | NC-17 | I don’t remember

16 *Croquis | Frerard | NC-17 | Croquis is how it began and ended idk

17 Flight Number 568 | Frerard | NC-17 | “Men in uniforms has always turned me on”

18 Lip Service | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard never lets Frank fuck his mouth

19 Zero Privacy | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard likes listening to Frank jerk off. A lot.

20 The Things You Say | Frerard | NC-17 | Bathroom jerk-off porn

21 Strange Steps | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank needs dance lessons

22 Looking For Fast Love | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard needs to get laid.

23 For The Night | Frerard | NC-17 | basically.

24 How To Get Gerard To Fuck Frank In The Morning | Frerard | NC-17| well.

25 Dressing Room | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank wanted to go to Wal-mart at 2 am

26 Special Needs | Frerard | ‘Explicit’ | ha

27 Reasons We Don’t | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank had started things off with ‘showers bi-monthly,’ Gerard had retaliated with ‘too short for frottage’ – which, what the fuck ever, Frank was awesome at frottage – and they had both agreed on ‘not enough room in the bunks.’

28 Envision the Magic | Frerard | ‘Teen’ | lame title, lame rating, but it’s funny and Gerard’s a cunt.

29 Take The Pieces and Build Them Skywards | Frerard | NC-17 | yeah

30 I’ve Got Friends in Closed Spaces | Frerard | NC-17 | ha

31 Nerd Perfect | Frerard | NC-17 | nerds

32 The Boys Room | Frerard | NC-17 | yes.

33 All Over Me | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard likes leathermouth Frank

34 Buy Handmade | Frerard | NC-17 | i don’t remember what happened

35 Gerard Way’s (Vampire) Detective Agency | Frerard | NC-17 | this was good

36 Hard Candy | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank didn’t know it was that kind of peep show

37 First Class | Frerard | NC-17 | oh

38 Child’s Play | Frerard | NC-17 | I don’t remember what happened

39 Something Better | Frerard | NC-17 | yes

40 Someone More Like Myself | Frerard | NC-17 | hmm

41 No Experience Necessary | Frerard | NC-17 | ha

42 Falling For You | Frerard | NC-17 | lalala

43 I Never Told You What I Do For A Living | Frerard | NC-17 | This was nice

44 Whatever I Want (Whatever That Is) | Frerard | NC-17 | haha

45 Backstage | Frerard | NC-17 | yes

46 La-la-la-la-Lola | Frerard | NC-17 | Bob’s dares are never good things. Except for when they are in the end.

47 To Paint Silence | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard needs Frank to pose naked for him

48 Dog Grooming By Donna | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard has a summer job at his mum’s dog salon, and Frank is annoying

49 Gerard Way, Porn Star | Frerard | NC-17 | well it’s self explanatory

50 Beholder | Frerard | NC-17 | it’s a sex tape

51 Proof | Frerard | NC-17 | omg

52 Hair | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank’s a hairdresser

53 A Necessary Requirement | Frerard | NC-17 | haha

54 Thing Thing | Frerard | NC-17 | hmm

55 Nightswimming | Frerard | NC-17 | ‘fucking George’

56 A Very Valuable Resource | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank caught Gerard with some questionable reading material

57 A Kind Of Savage Caring | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank really, really loves dick

58 Headfirst for Handcuffs and 2 | Frerard | NC-17 | laughs handcuffs

59 Thank You For The Coffee | Frerard | R | this was fun

60 This Town Is Wrong | Frerard | NC-17 | yes

61 Across The Lines | Frerard | NC-17 | yes 

62 Sting | Frerard | R | I don’t remember

63 Cover To Cover | Frerard | NC-17 | um

64 Mr. Waaaaaaaay | Frerard | NC-17 | omg

65 *The Suicide Note Of Frank Iero | Frerard | um idk | don’t read if you’re an emotional person who cries at fic jfc

66 My (Empty) Romance | Frerard | NC-17 | I don’t even remember half of this

67 The Rumour of Us | Frerard | Mature | I don’t remember this

68 Climbing Up The Walls | Frerard | Explicit | Frank doesn’t even registed the transition between Gerard’s raspy breath in his ear and having him pinned up against the wall.

69 ha Mixed Bathing at Home | Frerard | Teen and Up | Gerard gets his toe stuck in the tap and Mikey won’t help, the apartment attendant person isn’t in and Frank’s in leathermouth (Frank to the rescue)

70 Shower Party | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard loves being clean just doesn’t like actually getting clean and Frank plans to change this

71 Kiss Me, Deadly | Frerard | NC-17 | It’s the 70s, and Frank’s in London with his band, on the London punk scene. At at show, he meets someone who seems slightly out of place, and ends up having a night he never expected.

72 Against The Wall | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank feels the need to re-assert himself after Gerard decides to touch himself on stage

73 Frank Makes Sex Noises (While Being Massaged) and Touché Ice the fic my dad read part of oops | Frerard | R | Exactly what it says on the tin

74 That New Feeling | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank is sick of being a virgin

75 Because I Want You Too | Frerard | NC-17 | There’s no hotel room for Gerard so he interrupts Frank jacking off to steal the spare bed in his

76 Dirty Talk | Frerard | NC-17 | Dirty talk and phone sex (even though they’re in the same house, gerard wtf)

77 Pictures of Me and You and An Illustrated Guide | Frerard | R | Frank is tired and Gerard is as subtle as an anvil

78 The Plan and The Problem | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard finds a squatter living in his building

79 New Rule | Frerard | Mature | Pitch-black basement sex

80 By the Book | Frerard | Explicit | Frank Iero, the new English teacher, starts a teachers’ book club

81 Fantasy Book | Frerard | NC-17 | lots and lots of sex

82 The Summer House | Frerard | NC-17 | Each year after Frank’s grandmother passes away, he spends the Summer at his grandparent’s house in Italy, where he meets a special little boy.

84 Mikey Has Annoying Friends | Frerard | G | Frank Iero, Mikey Way’s annoying best friend, just wants to kiss Mikey’s older brother

85 A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing | Frerard | NC-17 | hmm um

86 More | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank always feels so restless on nights they don’t have shows. Cable TV and Gerard Way provide an excellent distraction

87 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Audrey’s | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank likes the cook

88 Now My Feet Can Touch The Ground | Frerard | R | Frank and Gerard have to work together for a project

89 A Pug Named Kitty and That Elusive Spark | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank works in an veterinary clinic in Jersey. Gerard is his neighbour; an aborably awkward artist

90 This Is Us | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank and Gerard lose their virginities

91 Of Star Wars and High School | Frerard | NC-17 | high school fic

92 As Long As It Matters | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank doesn’t fuck his friends. Really, he doesn’t

93 Magic Trick | Frerard | R | Frank hand cuffs himself and Gerard together

94 Skin of the Canvas | Frerard | NC-17 | i think this is the one where gerard needs a naked model laughs

95 Camp Cherry Wood | Frerard | Explicit | Gerard and Frank work as camp Councillors

96 YOURS + MINE | Frerard | NC-17 | something about lube and gerard being the girl

97 Alright for Kicks | Frerard | NC-17 | “Every summer,” Gerard says, shaking his head as he fumbles with his boxers. “Like fuckin’ clockwork.”

98 Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer | Frerard | R | A classic tale of boy meets boy, boy photographs boy naked, boy and boy hook up afterward… Wait, that’s not a classic tale? Dang.

99 Then Came You | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard never thought it’d be something as simple as house work that would make him realise just exactly how head over heels he was for Frank Iero.

100 Sunday Best | Frerard | NC17 | Sometimes Frank wears panties

101 Be Lazing On A Sunday | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank really loves Sundays

102 Be Something (Time To Fly) | Frerard | PG | Frank is an idiot, Mikey calls him an idiot, Gerard and Mikey leave, Frank jumps out a window.what

103 Another High School Party… | Frerard | Mature | something with spin the bottle

104 50 Bucks Buys A Lot | Frerard | Mature | Gerard lied about having an ‘amazing boyfriend’ and Mikey comes to visit, so Gerard pays the stoner kid next door to be his boyfriend

105 Afresh | Frerard | Explicit | Frank doesn’t miss the times he could smell Gerard from the other room

106 Moth to Flame | Frerard | Explicit | Frank is a florist

107 Breakdown on the L.I.E | Frerard | NC-17 | Pencey’s van breaks down and Gerard, Frank and Shaun have to hide in the van

108 The Happiest Fuckin’ Place On Earth TM | Frerard | NC-17 | Only two kinds of people worked at Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA: Frank Iero, and everyone else. i AM PUNCHING MYSELF IN THE FACE

109 Attention | Frerard | PG-13 | The night turned into mindless violence, but maybe the violence was more thought out than Gerard had thought, at least on Frank’s part

110 Breaking The Walls Apart | Frerard | i dont remember | Frank owns an antique shop and something with a ghost

111 A Kiss With A Fist | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank’s a boxer and Gerard’s a medic

112 Opposite Over Adjacent | Frerard | Mature | i dont remember something where Frank is sick

113 The Cruelty-Free Sausagefests of Pleathermouth Vegan Cafe | Frerard | R | laughs

114 Skeleton Records | Frerard | Mature | Gerard likes the guy who works at the record store

115 Midgets and Medmen Run This Scene | Frerard | Explicit | How assholes in prison fall in love

116 F is for Frank | Frerard | R | Frank can’t cook mac and cheese. How can he be a father?

117 You’re So Cute When You’re Slurring Your Speech | Frerard | Explicit | If Frank wants it Frank can have it

118 What I Go To School For | Frerard | Explicit | Frank’s an English teacher da da da

119 24 Frames Per Second - The Belleville Fright Night Experiment of 1984 | Frerard | NC-17 | ahh this is perfect omfg theres a sequel that i still have to finish ill do that later woo

120 Affairs of the Pocket | Frerard | teen and up | Frank gets into a fight and has to work in a thrift store

121 Wake Up and Notice | Frerard | NC-17 | everyone but Frank wakes up as a girl

122 Amante | Frerard | R | Sei il mio angelo?

123 ha In Which Gerard Learns About First Impressions (A Very Special Holiday Episode) | Frerard | R | i may have read this i dont remember, but it has to be in my bookmarks for a reason, right?

124 We Need A Doctor | Frerard | R | zomBIES

125 Pantomime (Being Here With Wings on Our Feet | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard is the son of a wealthy salesman and Frank is a chimney sweep

126 Nothing Comes as Easy as You | Frerard | Explicit | Laughs something about coming three times without stopping

127 Unofficial Constellations | Frerard | Explicit | Gerard and Frank got a little too close on bonfire night and Gerard’s been beating himself up ever since

128 Webcam | Frerard | NC-17 | It’s Gerard’s last cam call before he’s due home from a business trip

129 I Would Give You My Heart | Frerard | teen and up | When Gerard get’s home Frank is covered in yellow paint

130 Charcoal | Frerard | teen and up | Frank finds something strange out in the rain.

131 Between the Wish and the Thing | Frerard | Gerard has been in love with his best friend and bandmate for years.

132 A Latte and a Cookie | Frerard | Explicit | The first half a dozen or so times that Gerard stops by the Starbucks closest to SVA, he’s so desperate to get the caffeine into his system he doesn’t even notice the guy behind the counter. Nor does he pay much attention to the fact that his cup seems to magically refill itself a couple of times while he’s hunched over one of the tables and drawing steadily, his headphones on. He’s busy, okay — his winter project is due in less than six weeks, and he is screwed. Royally, completely and without question.

The cookies, though. The cookies he notices. He just doesn’t know what the fuck they mean.

133 Oh I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker… | Frerard | R | Ever since Gerard can remember, he’s had a thing for guitar players.

134 If I Cut Off Your Arms… | Frerard | R | It’s stormy outside. The house is cold and empty, Gerard’s drowsy and confused and it’s all Frank Iero’s fault.

135 All Over My Face | Frerard | NC-17 | Gerard gives Frank a blowjob after Leeds Fest

136 Sleepover | Frerard | NC-17 | Frank moves into Gerard’s old house and Gerard comes to see him/ Xavier is the best.

137 Now Does Our World Decend | Frerard | PG-13 idk | Gerard was the one creating a nice life for himself after My Chemical Romance, getting to his art roots, with a clean slate and a nice house and a dog and all.

138 Fuck The Snow | Frerard | NC-17 | idk this confused me wtf but it was good

139 In Repair | Frerard | NC-17 | omfg this was perfect and gerard was a bot thing but shh it’s great

140 The One Where Frank Gets Gangbanged | Frerard | NC-17 | hmm i wonder what this could be about

141 My Ferry Romance | Frerard | Mature | Frank works on a ferry


142 Been Here Before | Frerard | NC-17 | Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge took off faster than My Chemical Romance could have imagined. Gerard’s downward spiral was even faster. He hit rock bottom, got sober, and moved across the country to Portland practically as soon as he’d detoxed, leaving his band and his relationship with Frank behind. Four years later, he’s still clean. His graphic novel is a surprise smash hit. And he’s avoided New Jersey until now. However, everything he left unresolved is still there. Gerard knows he needs forgiveness. When he sees Frank again, he realizes he needs much more than that.

probably never gonna be updated again tbh